TALENTO was launched in February 1997 as a Marketing and Advertising services provider. Our portfolio has grown since and now comprise graphic designing, editorial services, business solutions and promotional marketing to our clients. The company is well positioned to adapt to the dynamic changes in market conditions and promotes a solid support program for its customers. We believe that the total marketing concept is reflected in relationship marketing and quality of service.


TALENTO strives to encourage a culture of continual improvement, flexibility and innovation and believes that outsourcing, specialization and downsizing will drive the business trend in the 21st Century.


We Take You To The Right Position


TALENTO Company is dedicated to take our Customers, Suppliers, communities, Owners and Employees to the right position they ever seek. We are committed to utilizing our redevelopment, acquisition and operational expertise to improve our properties and grow our company. Through the participation and contribution of all members of the TALENTO Team, we are committed to do the following:


- For Our Customers

We will provide the highly creative products and applications that ensure them continuously to be always many steps ahead to the right position


- For Our Suppliers

We will make ourselves always up-dated to assist you in your efforts to successfully and profitably operate your business at our territory.


- For Our Communities

We are committed to being a good investor by being actively creative in each of our transactions to make the optimum output of our community resources and ours.


- For Our Owners

We will be proactive, inventively creative, disciplined and focused to increase Owners value.


- For Ourselves as Employees

We accept the responsibility of being empowered to perform each of our roles within the TALENTO Team in order to achieve both